Enjoy a convertible Morris Minor

morris-minor adHas any other English machine ever been treated to such respectful affection as the Morris Minor? This soft-looking car makes even hard men wistful. Here is that unusual thing the moggie inspires universal delight. It’s not Marmite, it’s scones with cream.

Youtube was the first to gain 1 million videos on-line and the Morris Minor was the first British car to sell over 1 million examples and is considered a classic example of automotive design, as well as typifying “Englishness”.

Is it the shapely design that affects the emotions or the fact that the name Morris Minor has become synonymous with fun, freedom and carefree life? Our Morris Minor convertible has understated elegance with bold sculpted wings, curvy chrome decorations and an interior unencumbered by visual clutter. All this in a package of driver’s delight. Our Morris Minor is one of the last convertibles ever made and this car has been lovingly looked after all of its life.

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