Your 1960’s classic car experience in the stylish MK.1 Ford Cortina Super

1962 Ford Cortina ad bwImagine the summer when The Beatles became famous and the first James Bond film hit the big screen. A summer when Marilyn Monroe sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to President Kennedy. The summer of 1962 was the height of the swinging 60’s when all things British were fashionable. This was a time when Ford launched the UK’s most successful saloon ever – the Cortina.

The Mk.1 Cortina undeniably captures the best of 60’s chic. The vibrant interior, chrome detailing, character instrument panel, dials and switches make this car a moving piece of art. This 1500 Super has timeless style and creates admiring glances wherever it goes.

The Cortina name was inspired by Italian ski resort Cortina d’Ampezzo, site of the 1956 Winter Olympics. Our stylish Ford is one of the first Cortina MK.1’s made (as can be seen by the Consul badge it proudly displays on the bonnet). Ford’s styling was a triumph, giving the Cortina combined European and mid-Atlantic overtones, from the flattened rear fins to the tri-pod tail lamps. Ford was constantly developing the Cortina. By 1964 they introduced the Consul-Classic’s 1,500cc in their Cortina Super (cigarette lighter as standard).

Treat yourself to the nostalgic feeling that driving this Mk.1 evokes. The sensation of cruising the countryside in such a significant part of 1960’s memorabilia provides an experience to always treasure.

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