Enjoy a luxury grand tourer Daimler V8

daimler adThis Daimler 2.5 V8 is like stilton cheese… it’s matured very nicely. It has a sumptuous interior with immaculate wood trim and leather on virtually every panel. This Daimler is rarer than it’s Jaguar MK 2 brother and benefits from a smooth V8 connected to an automatic gearbox making driving a delight.

The V8 engine is as well built as a Swiss bank and this classic effortlessly glides over potholes. There are less comfortable beds than this 1960’s classic that looks equally at home outside a Norfolk Broads pub as it does a North Norfolk stately home.

The Daimler has the stunningly attractive looks made famous by Inspector Morse. It was effectively a luxuriously appointed version of the 1959 Jaguar Mk2 combined with the brilliant 2548cc Ted Turner V8 also used in the SP250 Dart. The combination was a brilliant one, with the musical and muscular engine complementing the handsome and curvaceous body perfectly. The Daimler was a nicer car to drive than the Jaguar thanks to the engine’s light weight design and the eight cylinders endowing it with effortless flexibility.

If you’re looking for a luxury grand tourer to waft along East Anglia’s country lanes then this is a car for you.

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