Classic Groom Day

As the popularity of programs like ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ has grown so too has the tradition of the grooms party arriving to the wedding in cars of character. Nowadays people are as likely to opt for a colourful MG or a classic Ford as they are a white Rolls Royce. Any groom that is a lover of cars deserves to travel to their wedding venue in a memorable way.

A classic car with character for your wedding day

Weddings are an opportunity to be different and to choose a car that is either an extension of the grooms personality or is a fit with the overall wedding theme. At Classic Car Days we guarantee to offer the grooms party a memorable experience through our range of classic wedding cars.

The journey that lasts more than just a day

After the cameras have stopped flashing and you’ve waved goodbye to family and friends why not drive-off on your honeymoon in one of our classic cars for a truly romantic holiday experience. Please email us at for more information.