Classic car and classic plane 2 in 1 experience

Imagine combining the thrill of having a classic car for the weekend with the excitement of having a flight experience. Classic Car Days combine drive and flight experiences into one package. We partner with one of East Anglia’s premier flight experience companies to enable you to see the beauty of Norfolk and Suffolk from the sky.

A flight in a PA28 or Cessna 172 is a introductory opportunity to flying. For something really special we offer the rare chance to get your hands on a WWll vintage open-cockpit biplane. Your friends can watch as you come back from a trip and will have a marvellous photo opportunity as you do a low fly-by prior to landing. The presentation of a certificate rounds off a never to be forgotten day.

A weekend package of classic car with plane can be as low as £345 for the PA-28 / Cessna 172 or £435 with the Vintage Stearman.

Weekend Special* (MOST POPULAR) Weekly Special^ Extra Days (Per Day) Cost per mile (over 150 miles per day allowance) Refundable deposit
Character Classics with PA-28 or Cessna 172^ £345 £670 £130 30p £600
Luxury Classics with vintage Stearman^ £510 £960 £160 40p £800

^ = 20 mins on one nominated day
* = Friday evening to Sunday evening
Flights only at weekends including Friday

The Ford Cortina Super, Morris Minor Convertible and MGB GT are Character Classic grouping and the Daimler V8 is a Luxury Classic grouping.

Vintage Stearman

Fly in a 1930’s American Navy trainer. This biplane is a true classic aircraft. Originally designed to train US and Canadian pilots to fly, the Stearman is a treasured vintage aircraft. Larger than the British Tigermoth, this plane has a 7 cylinder 220hp radial engine. The sound of the wind in the wires and the smell of oil and leather is evocative of flying as it was in days past. Look out over the side of the open cockpit for great views as you cruise along at 100mph. Try your hand at being that ‘silk scarfed’ 1940’s student.

20 minutes – What’s Included
Pre-flight familiarisation and safety briefing.
An introduction to the flying controls.
A 20 minute flight in the Boeing Stearman.
Souvenir flight certificate and photograph.

PA-28 / Cessna 172

Do you ever dream of being a pilot? Now is your chance. Your pilot will take off, then you can experience the effects of controls with climbs, turns and descents. Don’t forget to look out of the windows and capture the fantastic Norfolk and Suffolk views from the air as you cruise along at 2000 feet. After flying back to the airfield, the pilot will set the aircraft up for its approach to land and smoothly touch down.

What’s Included
A pre-flight familiarisation and safety briefing.
Introduction to the flying controls and principles of flight.
The flight with a fully qualified pilot.
Post flight debriefing.

note: Flying takes place on most weekends (inc. Friday) but is weather dependent. Classic Car Days make the booking for you. Payment for the flying part of this package is made to the flight experience company directly on your day of flying. The flight company have their own terms and conditions and are wholly separate from Classic Car Days. Classic Car Days do not receive any commission on bookings and simply provide the service to ensure that all our customers have the best opportunity to create special memories in East Anglia.